Groups & Projects

Special Interest Groups & Communities

  • We provide activities and networking for students who are completing a PhD in Innovation Management or are  interested in the field. 

  • Innovation within the field of AI is taking us into the future, but what does it mean for how we should manage innovation?

  • We seek to define ISPIM's role and guide implementation of ISO's international management system standard for innovation.

  • We advance new methods, tools and techniques for real-world innovation that meet academic and practitioner demand for rigor and impact.

  • We help researchers and organizations understand how to sustain and develop exponential growth through digital disruption.

  • The objective is to enable members to be better prepared for the future by benchmarking and providing relevant insights, practices and tools.

  • We promote networking, knowledge sharing and joint research and publication among experts in innovation management in health.

  • The ISPIM Innovation Leadership group has been created in order to focus on the role of leadership in facilitating innovation.

  • The Living Labs SIG seeks to enhance our understanding of the Living Labs concept through research and collaboration.

  • The purpose of the Responsible Innovation (RI) Special Interest Group (SIG) is to further develop the subject in the ISPIM community. 

  • This community of practice helps us learn, share and develop our capabilities to teach, train, and coach innovation management.

  • The SIG explores the constitutive functions of values, understood as notions of the desirable, and culture in innovation management.

Funded Projects

  • Funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme, IMPACT is a Knowledge Alliance project that aims to improve the teaching and coaching of values-based innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions.

  • Funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme, GAMIFY is a Knowledge Alliance project that brings together academia and industry to advance gamification for innovation and entrepreneurship (InnEn).

  • Funded by Horizon 2020, SCALINGS is an interdisciplinary research project that aims to better understand how co-creation varies across different contexts and explore what is needed for successful scaling. 

  • Funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme, VISION is a Knowledge Alliance project that brings together academia and industry to envision the future of teaching and training for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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