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We enable our members to be better prepared for the future by benchmarking and providing relevant insights, practices and tools. Our links with Futura and the Futures and Foresight journal highlight our commitment to both the study and practice in the field. We run sessions, workshops, publications and special issues.

The objective of this special interest group is to enable members to be better prepared for the future by benchmarking and providing relevant insights, practices and tools



Welcome from the SIG Futures & Foresight.

We are delighted to invite you to become part of our Foresight in Practice Initiative that we launch at the ISPIM Innovation Conference 2020.

Our initiative will be running for 1 year initially. We will start with a lunch session in Berlin, where we promote the exchange between foresight practitioners and researchers. The aim is

1) to find exciting common topics that are suitable for high-quality case studies and

2) perhaps even to form initial teams of authors.

Practitioners and researchers / case givers and case writers will have the opportunity to work together on their foresight case studies over the coming year, which can be presented in presentation slots at subsequent ISPIM conferences. Furthermore, it is planned to publish outstanding contributions in a special issue of a scientific journal (more to be announced soon).

If you are interested or would like to check suitability of topics beforehand, please contact us. We are happy about any feedback.

What could be topics for suitable case studies?

  • Processes: i.e. change or reorganizations projects using foresight tools, implementation of foresight processes, building up foresight teams and departments 

  • Capabilities: Future-proof organizations, foresight skills and competency models, training practice

  • Tools: Success factors/lessons learned in methods, foresight support systems, visualization of foresight data and data analytics

  • Applications: Focus should be on decision making based on foresight projects (rather than study content), cognitive biases, pitfalls


With this initiative we would like to promote the exchange between research and practice and show the diversity of our discipline and community.

The European Foresight Platform is a very good documentation of EU Foresight projects. René has also written a case on CISCO’s Technology Radar implementation. However, high-quality foresight case studies are internationally rare, as a look into relevant case databases such as The Case Center shows. We want to change this together with you!

Practice Cases on Foresight

To share best practices and stories of building new foresight practices, the SIG Futures & Foresight will launch a new initiative. Jointly we will identify interesting cases on processes, capabilities, tools and applications. Cases will be written by industry-academia writing teams that we will help create. The best cases will be presented and will enter a special issue in a scientific journal.


Future of the Aviation Industry

At the ISPIM conference in Berlin, the SIG Futures & Foresight we will run a scenario workshop in which we will co-construct scenarios for the future of the civil aviation industry. The workshop employs a Scenario Sprint methodology developed by Rohrbeck Heger and the EDHEC Chair for Foresight, Innovation and Transformation. With the input of key change drivers participants will construct alternative futures. We look forward to see how the wish for global connectedness on the one hand and flight shaming on the other hand will play out in plausible futures!


Podcast on Continuous Foresight

Gartner has launched a new research initiative around continuous foresight. They answer to the request of their clients to help them navigate in increasingly uncertain markets. We had the chance to contribute to one of their first podcasts. You can listen in here:



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