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The role of this Special Interest Group is to span boundaries to collaborate, innovate, and research for impact.

Rapid advancements in technology open new possibilities for creating impact. At the same time, the role of scholarship is evolving. Scholars are increasingly working across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and there is a growing emphasis on applied research that addresses real-world problems. Moreover, scholars focus on measuring the impact of their work, not just in terms of academic citations but also in terms of its real-world effects. This includes tracking how research influences policy decisions, changes behavior, or leads to improvements in communities. The Special Interest Group (SIG) “Frontiers of Impact” supports scholars in developing and using impact assessment tools and frameworks to evaluate their research's societal, economic, and environmental impact.


The role of this SIG is to enable scholars to learn how to scope emerging trends, identify impact-worthy areas of research, engage in impact co-creation with practitioners and policymakers, track impact outputs, and communicate the real-world impact. 

Together with the ISPIM innovation community, we are preparing the next generation of scholars to prioritize impact in their work. The global societal challenges and issues, such as climate change, aging population, inequality, healthcare disparities, and more, require collective engagement for impact. Thus, ISPIM supports our SIG in developing new frontiers, collaborating globally, and pooling resources to tackle these challenges collectively - through research and innovation. ISPIM also empowers PhD students and early-career researchers of our SIG towards excellence in science by conducting groundbreaking research that leads to positive and transformative impacts on society, industry, and academia.

What does the SIG offer?

  • Empowering PhD students and early-career researchers towards creation, evaluation, forecasting, and tracking impact

  • Developing knowledge, skills, and competencies about impact

  • Promoting cross-boundary, cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation in research for policy and practice

  • Sharing impact stories about tackling grand societal problems and contributing to SDGs


Get involved

Whether you are a researcher, social entrepreneur, an impact investor, or simply someone passionate about creating change, the “Frontiers of Impact” SIG offers webinars, workshops, networking opportunities, and a space for co-creation. 


We invite you to join our SIG and are open to feedback and ideas to develop the Frontiers of Impact.



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