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We help researchers and organizations understand how to sustain and develop exponential growth through digital disruption.

Digital disruption triggers exponential growth rates and creates exponential disruption of existing markets. Nearly all areas in the global society will to some extent be digitalized; and because digital performance is characterized by exponential development, digital disruption is happening with a persistently increasing pace in more and more areas such as: 


  • Technology: Additive/new manufacturing (3D printing), drones, virtual reality…

  • On demand services: Search engines, video-streaming, music-streaming…

  • Network communication: Social media, learning, consulting…

  • Sharing economy: Transport, hospitality, collaborative consumption…

  • Grand challenges: Health, environmental change, energy…

The global digital mega-trend results in a society which can be characterized as the disruptive society, where professional innovation management is a key competence to cope with complex problems and grand challenges. Thus interdisciplinary theory development in the field is necessary, addressing questions on different levels:

  • Mega trend level: What drives digital disruption?

  • Society level: What are the macro conditions for digital disruption, and what competences are needed in the global disruptive society, and how can disruption create sustainable development?

  • Network level: How to collaborate across organizations on digital disruption to ensure knowledge and access to competences?

  • Strategy level: How to manage digital disruption in organizations?

    • How to react when digital disruption appears?

    • How to act to be a digital disrupter?

  • Process level: How to implement and execute digital disruptive strategies?

  • Personal level: How does digital disruption influence people’s life?


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The vision is to place the ISPIM SIG on Digital Disruption as an important hub in the international innovation ecosystems. The philosophy is that, there is no such thing as a disruptive defense. To be a disrupter is the only way to sustaining as an organization.




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