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ISPIM Innovation-Base
- innovation research at your fingertips -

The ISPIM Innovation-Base is a resource open to ISPIM Members only and comprises of over 6000  full-text articles from the field of innovation management. 

Associated Journals

Selected Journal Special Issues

Publication Date
Journal of Innovation Management
Living Labs and Collaborative Innovation
Journal of Responsible Innovation
Bringing Responsibility to Firm Practices: Strategies and Challenges
International Journal of Innovation Management
25th Special Issue for ISPIM
Volume 27, Issue 05 (June 2023)
International Journal of Innovation Management
24th Special Issue for ISPIM
Volume 26, Issue 09 (Nov 2022)
International Journal of Innovation Management
23rd Special Issue for ISPIM
Volume 25, Issue 10 (Nov 2022)
International Journal of Innovation Management
Special Issue: Managing Values for Innovation
Volume 26, Issue 05 (June 2022)
R&D Management
Special Issue:Innovation Management Research Methods
Volume 50, Issue 3 (June 2020)
Creativity and Innovation Management
Special Issue on Digital Disruption
Volume 30, Issue 2 (May 2021)
International Journal of Technology Management
Special Issue on: People Create Your Innovative Technology – How Do You Manage Them
Volume 79 No.3/4 (2019)

Selected Books

Publication Date
Healthcare Innovation Shaping Future Models of Delivery
Editors: Mona Seyed Esfahani & Matthew Halkes
Innovation Leadership in Practice: How Leaders Turn Ideas into Value in a Changing World
Editors: Karina R. Jensen, Stephanie Kaudela-Baum, Rob Sheffield
The Future of Learning Playbook: A practical guide to navigating the changing landscape for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
John Bessant, Olga Kokshagina, Kyriaki Papageorgiou
Gamification for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
Henning Breuer , John Bessant and Sune Gudiksen
Changing The Dynamics And Impact Of Innovation Management: A Systems Approach and the ISO Standard
Editors: Joanne Hyland, Magnus Karlsson, Mats Magnusson, John Bessant, Ingrid Kihlander, Jimmi Kristiansen
Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Olga Kokshagina, Kyriaki Papageorgiou
Artificial Intelligence And Innovation Management
Editors: Stoyan Tanev, Helena Blackbright
Managing Open Service Innovation
Editors: Anne-Laure Mention, Tor Helge Aas
The Innovator’s Dictionary: 555 Methods and Instruments for More Creativity and Innovation in Your Company
Editors: Christian Buchholz, Benno Aerssen
Innovating in the Open Lab
Editors: Albrecht Fritzsche , Julia M. Jonas , Angela Roth and Kathrin M. Möslein
Digital Innovation: Harnessing the Value of Open Data
Editor: Anne-Laure Mention
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