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The SIG explores the constitutive functions of values, understood as notions of the desirable, and culture in innovation management

Our innovation efforts should be aligned with what we care about – in order to achieve more desirable outcomes, but also to collaborate efficiently and to generate more relevant ideas and valid evaluations. This SIG explores the constitutive functions of human values in innovation management. We investigate the potential of values to integrate diverse stakeholders into innovation processes, to direct collaborative efforts, and to generate innovations that matter (e.g. technologies for good, circular business models, sustainability-oriented innovations). We develop new methods to establish values-based innovation cultures. Historical and current cases demonstrate how innovation in processes, products, services, business models, and even in whole organisations and networks may be driven and guided by notions of the desirable.

If you like to share your ideas, cases, or methods, or if you have any questions about the SIG, please email us at: sig(at)

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Associated co-leaders:

Sune Gudiksen (Design School Kolding, Denmark)

Jakub Kruszelnicki (FundingBox, Germany)

Florian Lüdeke-Freund (ESCP Europe, Germany)

Roman Meier-Andrae (TUEV NORD Mobility, Germany)

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