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Values-Based Business Model Innovation for the SDGs in the lab of tomorrow

This virtual fireside chat is about values-based business model innovation at the lab of tomorrow (lot). The lot enables company representatives and entrepreneurs from emerging markets and the EU to jointly take up opportunities for sustainable business with new joint ventures or start-ups. We will look into the 14 lot processes conducted across the globe and their contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals. We talk about lessons learnt, good practises, innovation barriers and persisting challenges, and how the lot measures impact.

This fireside chat between Sven-Uwe Müller and Henning Breuer was delivered at the 32nd ISPIM Innovation Conference on 23 June 2021.

The interview series is conducted by the ISPIM Special Interest Group on Values-Based and Sustainable Innovation and the European Erasmus+ project on “Building Values-Based Innovation Cultures for Sustainable Business IMPACT”.


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