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Impactful Research: What It Is, Why We Need It, and How to Do It


The world is undergoing dramatic transformations. Many of the grand societal challenges we currently face underscore the need for scholarly research – including management studies – that can help us best sort out and solve them. In this webinar, professor Christopher Wickert shares how to ‘make a difference’ by broadening our understanding of what constitutes impactful research. He outlines five forms of impact and how scholars can systematically extend or enlarge their research agenda or projects to amplify their impact on the challenges societies face.

About the speaker:

Christopher Wickert is Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as Director of the VU Business & Society Knowledge Hub. He is also Research Director at the Department of Management & Organization at VU Amsterdam. His research examines CSR and corporate sustainability as well as the broader relationship between business and society by drawing on various strands of organization and management theory.

Recommended reading:

Wickert, C., Post, C., Doh, J. P., Prescott, J. E., & Prencipe, A. (2021). Management research that makes a difference: Broadening the meaning of impact. Journal of Management Studies, 58(2), 297-320.


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