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Call for Submissions: ISPIM Connects Osaka

Updated: Mar 21

The ISPIM Connects Osaka Conference, “Innovation's Role in Connecting and Empowering Society”, is a three-day event that brings together 250 innovation management professionals from over 30 countries. 


Osaka, the second largest city in Japan, has some specific social issues as well as advantages. The former includes urban poverty, children's education disparities, healthy life for everyone, and environmental sustainability. Those issues are summarized by the theme of the World Expo 2025, "Designing Future Society for Our Lives." On the other hand, the latter includes medical clusters, industry-academia collaboration, and the growth of the start-up economy. 

ISPIM encourages examples and insights into successful innovation practice, challenges or research from all regions of the world. If you are in doubt, please discuss your idea with an email to

Submission Deadlines

  • 4 October 2024: Abstracts Only (All Submissions)*

  • 18 October 2024: Acceptance Notification*

  • 1 November 2024: Final Submissions (including papers & photos) PLUS registration and receipt of payment

  • 25 November 2024: Presentation Slides

* Abstracts will be evaluated on a weekly rolling basis from 8 September, with the final batch being evaluated per the above deadline. Early submission and acceptance notification is possible for all authors with external funding application deadlines. Contact


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