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Call for Submissions - ISPIM Connects Salzburg

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

ISPIM Connects Salzburg, “The Sound of Innovation”, is a three-day conference that brings together over 200 innovation management professionals from over 30 countries.

Salzburg seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Renowned for its stunning landscapes, historic architecture, and classical music heritage, the city has also emerged as a thriving hub of creativity, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements.

Salzburg's innovation ecosystem nurtures collaboration between academia, industry, and government, providing a fertile ground for ideas to flourish. Notably, the local ecosystem excels in integrating technology into traditional sectors. Local organisations in tourism, medicine, transportation, and energy are reshaping these industries with smart mobility solutions, digital experiences, and renewable energy initiatives for world markets. Salzburg leverages technology to enhance the quality of life for both residents and its many visitors.

The city is dedicated to promoting green technologies, energy efficiency, and sustainable urban development. Aspiring to be a model for sustainable cities, Salzburg inspires the ISPIM Community to follow suit. Whether you're an entrepreneur, researcher, policy-maker, or another type of innovation enthusiast, Salzburg offers a dynamic and inspiring environment.

ISPIM, together with local host, Paracelsus Medical University, and local partner, Innovation Salzburg, encourage examples and insights into successful innovation practice, challenges or research from all regions of the world. If you are in doubt, please discuss your idea with an email to

For more information, or to make your submission, head over to the conference website.


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