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Bringing Innovation to the Classroom: A Showcase of Innovative Teaching

Updated: May 28


Paper aeroplanes, Lego, instruments – what do you bring to the classroom? Do you use fresh and engaging ways to teach your innovation management students? We are excited to announce a series of short taster sessions where you can share one of your most engaging and imaginative teaching sessions, along with the innovative techniques and resources that you use to make the subject come alive.

We warmly invite you to share your experiences with the ISPIM Teaching and Coaching SIG community. If you are enthusiastic about presenting a dynamic 15-minute Teaching Showcase, please read the below information and register through this form.

Teaching Showcase

We schedule a 90minute online event which includes three taster sessions and a panel for Q&A at the end. Each presenter is encouraged to cover three key aspects within their 15-minute session:

a. Context: Briefly provide information about your university, the specific module, and the size of the cohort you've worked with, providing valuable context for your teaching approach.

b. Approach and Resources: Discuss your innovative teaching session by explaining its purpose, contents and delivery method, and highlighting the essential resources necessary for its success. In other words, explain what you do and how you do it.

c. Reflections: Articulate the factors that make your teaching session effective, engaging, and innovative. Offer insights into your assessment of its success and how you measure its impact on students' learning experiences. In other words, explain why you think your approach is working well.


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