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ISO Innovation Management Standards Online Training Session

Updated: May 28

Pre-Conference ISO Innovation Management Standards Online Training Session: Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 from 13:30-16:30 CET

  • ISO 56000 Series Learning Session: Which ISO Innovation Management Standards are in the series, what is their purpose, how do they all fit together and what is relevant for me?

  • Session Leaders: Vilho Jonsson and Joanne Hyland, Innovation Body of Kowledge SIG and ISO Experts, with Johan Claire, ISO Innovation Management Technical Committee (TC 279) Chair

  • Overview: Would you like to separate hype from reality and understand which standards are in the series? Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about the ISO Innovation Management Standards? Join us to learn about: o The innovation management terminology, principles and system. o Why an innovation management system is a gamechanger. o Why we need to move beyond idea management and process. o What factors are important for your success as an innovation management professional and academic researcher

  • If you are looking for a path forward or simply want to learn more, this workshop is for you. Join us to answer questions and exchange ideas about how innovation management will shape our future and our destiny.

ISPIM_2024_Tallinn_Innovation_SIG_BoK_ISO_Innovatio_Management_Standards_Online Training S
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