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Winning in difficult times

Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann, director of the Institute of Technology Management of the University of St.Gallen, speaks with Carsten Koerl, CEO and Founder of Sportradar, the market leader in sports data on “Winning in difficult times”. Sportradar founder Carsten explains his formula for how to found and grow a company in the intersection of sports, media and betting industry. This company grew in a few years into a unicorn (see also Harvard Business Case on Sportsradar), when the crisis in 2020 stopped all life events – the source and oil of the company. Over 95 % of all turnover erased. Instead of reducing his workforce of over 2000 employees in 30 locations, Carsten reinvented the company and its business model, jumped into E-sports where Sportradar is now a leader. We discuss the challenges of reinventing the company, the opportunities of crisis, the tension between managers and entrepreneurs, the leadership challenges of such a reinvention of a young highly dynamic global company in times of remote meetings.

This fireside chat was delivered at the 32nd ISPIM Innovation Conference on 21 June 2021.


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