Why does digital disruption take so long? by Jens-Uwe Meyer

This is a contribution by ISPIM member Jens-Uwe Meyer was published at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/digital-disruption-where-you-dr-jens-uwe-meyer-mba/. Check out ISPIM's Special Interest Group on Digital Disruption & Transformations.

When do cars drive autonomously? Already tomorrow? Or in ten years from now? When do we say farewell to cash? How long will traditional retail continue to exist? And when will we no longer have to collect paper receipts and take them to the tax consultant as a paper file?

These are questions that keep being discussed in the context of disruptive innovation (https://innolytics-innovation.com/disruptive-innovation/) and digital disruption (https://innolytics-innovation.com/digital-disruption/) over and over again.