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The Innovation Reins: How to stop snails from harnessing horses

In a place not very far away, snails were working diligently in their organization. They loved their slow, deliberate life of limited distraction and no disruption. Every once in a while, the word “change” was used, but it was easily dismissed by the plethora of snails throughout all levels of the business. They were happy, until one day the wild horse of innovation thundered into their midst. Brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, the horse laid out how innovative approaches and solutions could be incorporated into their current staid model. “Let’s create an innovation culture,” the horse whinnied at the top of its lungs. Well, the snails were having none of this and so they devised a plan to rein in the horse and its innovation dreams! Join an interesting conversation as Patricia Moser and Joanne Hyland explore the parable of the Snail and the Horse!

This fireside chat with Patricia Moser, Principal of i3 Advantage and Joanne Hyland, Founding Partner and President of rInnovation Group that took place at the 32nd ISPIM Innovation Conference on 22 June 2021.


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