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Open Innovation Challenge – “How do you return to the workplace safely?”

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Engaging the world's top innovators to identify quick wins to help employers and employees to return to an improved and safe operational normal.

The online Open Innovation challenge coincide with the 2020 ISPIM Innovation Conference in June. The competition will engageinnovation community to discover how top innovators across the globe intend to overcome the challenges of bringing employeesback into the working environment. With a climate of rapid change acceptance, the aim is to find innovative approaches that are not just as good as before but are better, providing an opportunity for organisations and employees to accelerate productivity.

The competition will be open to all innovators and the results and content will be made freely available for all organizations andemployees to take advantage of. The top idea, as voted for by a panel of expert judges, will receive the ‘Innovation in Times of Crisis Award’ and gain public recognition plus a free place at a live ISPIM conference of their choice.

ISPIM is asking their speakers, attendees and network of global innovators to contribute to the challenges surrounding the global return to the workplace in a post COVID-19 world. Understanding that everyday things as simple as the walk from the car park to the office doors will be impacted by established social distancing guidelines and as such the approach to work will need to change. At the same time understanding that there is a unique opportunity to change for the better, with organizations and employees more ready and more open to innovative approaches.

The aim of these challenges is to identify new and inventive ways that organizations can use to build back stronger. The best ideas submitted will be reviewed by a select panel, and assessed for the Award.. The competition will be hosted on the open innovation platform powered by edison365.

“Utilizing Open Innovation, we can explore how different sectors may tackle the return to work and the challenges they may face in doing so. These challenges are a great way to begin the conversation about how we can all create a productive and efficient 'new normal'.” Said Iain Bitran, Executive Director, ISPIM.

“There are many factors that need to be considered; from maintaining social distancing to increasing engagement among employees and understanding company culture may have been affected. By connecting and collaborating with thought leaders, we can begin to see how these measures will impact how organizations build back stronger and prepare for future disruptions.” Said, Ivan Lloyd, Chief Innovation Officer, edison365.

To find out more about the challenges, and submit your ideas, click the link below.


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