Leading Innovation in a Human-Centric World by Karina Jensen

ISPIM member Karina Jensen is Founder and Managing Director of Global Minds Network

The context for innovation is rapidly evolving in an increasingly international, multicultural, and digitally connected environment. Leaders and teams are facing changing contexts, rapidly evolving technologies, and customer needs across cultures and geographies. Global collaboration, local market intelligence and cultural understanding matter more than ever. In creating and launching new products, services, or programs, what does it take to lead innovation around the globe?

The new ISO Innovation Management standard has been developed from a global perspective with the participation of 50 countries and leading international organizations in order to ensure a common vision. Moving forward, it will be important to transition the focus from ‘What' to address in innovation to 'How' leaders and managers will orchestrate a global innovation process, from concept to market. In moving from a technology-driven to a human-driven focus, Leadership for a changing innovation landscape is increasingly needed across industries and geographies.

Mastering the New Leadership Skills