Congratulations to our marathon runners

A marathon is the dream of many runners, but not something a lot of them actually do. ISPIM would like to send huge congratulations to our six fantastic Barcelona Marathon runners, Olga, Steffen, Bram, Dimitri, Paavo and Rene, who successfully completed the 42 km challenge.

For some of them, it was the first marathon ever. For others like Paavo – this was Marathon number #14. So please do speak to Paavo if you want to nail the challenge of long-distance running.

Thanks to their dedication we have raised over EUR 1,700 so far. The ISPIM Community is still raising money for Anelli Mancanti Association in Florence. You will have a chance to meet Anelli Mancanti Association in Florence. There is still time to donate and help us help in providing better education to immigrants.

Please donate - every little helps.

On behalf of those who can use your help, we thank you for taking this step to ensure that all of us have access to important knowledge for integration and settling in Europe.