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‘Breaking the virtual ice’: Creating human interactions using an online game

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

  • Do you have to organise another online team and you want to make it different?

  • Are you asking yourself about how to build virtual trust and online commitment?

  • Looking for ways to grow cooperation and reinforce commitment when the teams you’re working with are no longer offline, and ‘old’ routines are not available?

In this webinar, participants are introduced and engaged in a digital game designed to help deal with this challenge. “Illusion of Proximity” has been designed for opening and closing virtual meetings in ways that simultaneously reinforce team bonding.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to experience ‘Illusion of proximity’, this webinar also provides guidelines and facilitation tips for implementing the game within your own organisation. The game is open source and available in Powerpoint, Keynote, Slides and Web-based. All participants are able to download and take away a full version to play and customise. Moreover, the game includes a version that focuses on cross-project synergies initiated through the game. As the first research after COVID-19 shows, this is an element which is often lost through online settings.


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