ISPIM SIG | Wicked Innovation

We aim to bring the academic, business and policy makers of ISPIM together to tackle very big and difficult challenges in host regions.

Wicked problems are characterised by a high level of uncertainty, fuzzy often open system boundaries, varies interdependencies, various stakeholders, high dynamics and various cause-effect loops. This requires novel ways, including design thinking, to identify potential solutions.


Our aim is to bring the full force of the ISPIM community together to help tackle such tasks. Wicked problems can be for the region as a whole but also for key enterprises within.


Anton Kriz and Matthias Guertler, the co-chairs of the SIG bring together a wealth of industry, academic and policy experience. Using a new approach called "WickSprint", their aim is to bring out the best from the audience but also to have some fun.


In the true spirit of innovation management, the two Chairs are focused on capacity to implement and execute rather than simply generating ideas.


Get Involved

If you are a researcher, a practitioner, a consultant, a community & business developer, an entrepreneur affected and/or interested in tackling wicked problems, this SIG is for you.

We will be happy to discuss opportunities of collaboration and bring you to. Please write to us. 



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