Our group connects and develops organisational leaders who wish to learn, share and collaborate to tackle innovation management challenges & proactively shape new solutions for the most challenging problems.


Our goal is to discuss innovation management challenges that industries face and to identify how researchers can help solve them.

ISPIM is the major global network bringing together innovation management professionals from all areas, including academics and practitioners. It thus presents itself as natural habitat in which idea, knowledge and experience exchange between academics and practitioners can grow and prosper.   Our aim is to build an effective collaboration between practitioners and academics. We will deal with any innovation management related challenges that are relevant for practice and academia.   


Our Target audience: Practitioners, Researchers, Consultants, Intermediaries


If you are a researcher, a practitioner, a consultant, a community & business developer, an entrepreneur interested in innovation and are willing to connect industry and academia, this SIG is for you.


We will be happy to discuss collaboration opportunities. Subscribe to the group or contact us


The SIG runs workshops and collaborative sessions during ISPIM's events. If you wish to organise a session in collaboration with the SIG, please contact us. To know more about each workshop, click on the titles.

  • FLORENCE 2019

  • FUKUOKA 2018

  • STOCKHOLM 2018

    • Accelerate your innovative ideas -  workshop in collaboration with TÜV NORD

    • Do you struggle to transform your organisation through transformation? - sharing session with STIM on the organisation of the Internal Startup Call at Societe Generale.

    • Is Google Car the future of autonomous vehicles? - workshop with STIM to expose design-driven methodology - Concept-Knowledge method to reveal disruptive axes shaping the future.

    • How to identify customer experience pain points and innovate past them - session by Robert Dew

  • VIENNA 2017

    • Bring your expertise to solve industrial problems that really matter - organised in collaboration with Hans-Jurgen August, Siemens. The session brought together more than 40 practitioners & academics. Challenge owners: Lufthansa, TechnipFMC, Greiner and Talent Vectia.

    • Disruptive innovation in a repetitive way - Discover a practical way to do it - session with TechnipFMC



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