Innovation within the field of AI is taking us into the future, but what does it mean for how we should manage innovation?


Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart algorithms and machine learning – we hear about them every day. They make life easier for us, they do things better than we can and they both replace us and collaborate with us. It feels like the innovation rate has never been faster. Their impact is already enormous, and we are struggling to grasp the implications. Innovation within the field of AI is taking us into the future, but what does it mean for how we should manage innovation?


If you want to build knowledge about what the development of AI means for how we should manage innovation this is the SIG for you. Addressing questions like how AI is impacting innovation management and how innovation management can be used to impact the development of AI.


Our goal is to build a community where we can discuss, build knowledge and future collaboration about AI from an Innovation Management perspective. The SIG is new, and we welcome anyone who share our interest in AI & Innovation Management to both participate and form the content of this SIG. Researchers as well as practitioners are welcome.


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    Automation Region, Mälardalen University


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