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Flipping the Innovation Classroom

These days there is extensive discussion around the idea of ‘flipped learning’ and the use of different models, tools and technologies to support creating an alternative learning experience for students. This wave of popular interest raises some important questions around curriculum and delivery and, taken to extremes, might represent a significant disruptive innovation in the education space.

How far are these approaches relevant to the ISPIM teaching and coaching community and what issues might be involved in moving towards such models? Are they a substitute or a complement to current delivery? Do they really enhance the student experience? Do they enable greater flexibility in course design and access? How far are they applicable outside the university world?

These and other questions are important issues for ISPIM to explore at a time when an increasing number of players in the business education space are experimenting with prototype offerings building on ‘flipped’ principles. The webinar explores some of the challenges and opportunities in using this approach in innovation management teaching and coaching, drawing on a variety of experience in designing and delivering flipped learning in several universities in the UK and Germany.