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Shared individual insights require collective action to address their potential. We are using new research results and new technologies to improve the way the world learns and teaches.



This a group of individuals and organizations committed to the investigation, discussion, knowledge sharing and projects in the field of “Future of Lifelong Learning in the context of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity (ICE).” The group was created to search for answers to the multiple questions raised by the changing ICE landscape, especially within the context of learning.


We can imagine the future, however, the most important question is – how

do we get there? What is the transition process and what tools do we use? 


Insights from a 2020 Erasmus+ study of 150 global experts on the major trends shaping Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship education suggested that we need to start thinking differently about the technologies, spaces, personalization and role of individuals in educational processes. The first wave of change starts now, but even a bigger one is ahead of us, approaching rapidly (see Envisioning the Future of Learning for Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship).


The results from the VISION project and discussions in the ISPIM Teaching & Coaching Special Interest Group were the basis for creating this group.

The challenges ahead of us are beyond a single project and long-term cooperation is needed to understand how educators and students might, in a very practical sense, undertake this “journey to the future”. 


Membership is open to individuals and organizations active in the field of Lifelong Learning in the context of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity, and is subject to approval.


The group currently consists of 9 organisations, and we welcome new, active members willing to both give and take from the resources created inside the Group.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Anna Bessant at



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